Daleks Play with Hello Kitty

Along with a yellow Dalek, Falyn received several Hello Kitty Mega Blocks sets for Christmas. She absolutely adores her Dalek, she even took it to bed with her, tucking it under the covers so it won’t get cold. She also loves Hello Kitty and had a bunch of fun putting together all of her Hellow itty sets. She then went and got her Dalek and told me that the Dalek likes Hello Kitty and she set it up to play with them. Who knew that Daleks and Hello Kitties were such good friends?

Christmas Baking

Here’s some pictures of the goodies I made for Christmas dinner this year. I made a red and green layered jello, red and green M&M cookies and peanut blossoms made with red and green sugar. They looked so festive, don’t you think?

Christmas Eve

Don’t they all look cute in their new jammies? As always, we read the Nativity story in the Bible followed by “The Night Before Christmas”. All the while keeping a close eye on Santa’s progress on the NATO Tracks Santa site. The kids hurried off to bed as soon as Santa made it to North America.