Week 8 – Virtual Camp-In

This weekend Falyn participated in a Scouts BSA Virtual Camp-in. She set up the tent in the living room and the camping stove in the backyard so that she could cook us lunch and dinner on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday for her First Class Rank cooking requirements. She made quesadillas for lunch, a lo mein stir fry for dinner, and eggs, hash-browns for breakfasts. It was all very yummy!

Gallifrey’s 7 birthday was this week. The kids made decorations and a cake to celebrate. I’m not so sure that Gallifrey appreciated it, but the cake was delicious!

Dan and I again managed to get away for a picnic lunch at the park. It really helps with the monotony imposed by the quarantine to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

Sunday was Mother’s Day. I had a nice relaxing day, which included spending time in the spa. Falyn made me breakfast, Dan got take-out for me for lunch, and Dan and Aidan made dinner. I got this nice card from the kids.

This week’s COVID-19 cases totals:

  • World – 3,619,523
  • USA – 1,376,317
  • California – 67,917
  • Orange County – 3,557
  • Westminster – 60


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