Jared Lost His First Tooth!

Last night Jared lost his first tooth! It was the bottom right tooth. It has been wiggly for a while and as you can see in the photos above, the permanent tooth is already coming in. His Daddy yanked it out and Jared didn’t even cry! He was so brave. Both he and Riley were so exicited that the tooth fairy was coming. I over heard them talking about it after I put them to bed. Riley was wondering if Jared would get two coins, one for each of them since they are twins. They found out this morning that the tooth fairy only leaves one coin per tooth. Jared was so excited about his shiny new dollar coin. He took it with him to school for sharing today. They can only bring in something for sharing that starts with the letter of the week. This week it is “M”. Jared said it works because it is money and it is metal, both “M” words.

I was curious to see if the twin that got a tooth first would be the one to loose it first. I went back and looked and it was Riley that got the first tooth and he got it about two weeks before Jared. They also always got them in the opposite order, one would get a tooth on the right side and the other on the left side. If that were to hold true for lost teeth, then Riley should loose his bottom left tooth first. Both of Riley’s bottom teeth or loose, but neither is on the verge of falling out yet.

By the way, Riley wasn’t at all upset that Jared lost a tooth and he didn’t. He was happy for Jared and not all concerned that he didn’t loose one yet.

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