Our Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas! It started around 5:30 am when the girls woke up and snuck downstairs to spy on their Santa gift and stockings. They then got dressed and came into bed with Dan and I until the boys finally woke up around 7:00 am. We got the boys dressed and everyone went downstairs. The boys were very excited about their Santa presents: BC Builders sets, Treasure Island Matchbox set and the Aircraft Carrier Micro-Adventure Rescue Heroes set. The girls got Heely’s and were thrilled! They opened up their stockings and the twins started munching all their candy before we could stop them! I then started breakfast – coffee cake. Which apparently is our traditional Christmas morning meal. (Talia and Kayli informed me of this a few weeks ago.) After breakfast, Dan took the girls to 9 am mass. I went with them on Christmas Eve to the 4 pm mass. Since they are in the children’s choir, they have to sing at two Christmas masses.

While the girls and Dan were gone, I opened up all the boxes of the boys Santa gifts and put them together so they could play with them. They were very anxious to open up their presents, but knew they had to wait till everyone was home. Finally, the girls and Dan were back and the present opening began. We tried to keep it orderly, with everyone opening one thing at a time, but it was hard to keep it under control. Kayli’s favorite present was her gameboy. Talia already had one and she very much wanted one too. Talia isn’t sure what her favorite present was, but has been playing her new gameboy games almost non-stop. The twins and Aidan loved all their new toys. My favorite present was the earings that Dan gave me.

After lunch, the girls went out to play with all the kids in the neigborhood. Turns out that all the other kids that didn’t already have them, also got Heely’s for Christmas. They all had a blast skating all over the neighborhood. I spent most of the afternoon opening boxes of the boy’s new toys. They managed to play with ever single one of their new toys.

For dinner, we went over to Dan’s parents house. Dan’s parents, Dan sister Pam and her two children, Dan’s sister Barbara and her “significant other” visiting from the Netherlands, Dan’s sister Samantha, and Dan’s grandma were there. Aidan brought his new Bionicle with him and and his cousin Lawrence help him put it together. Lawrence also got Heely’s for Christmas and the girls tried to help him figure out how to use them.

After dinner, we had another round of present opening. We all got so much stuff, that I don’t know what we will do with all of it! Definitely will be time to get rid of some old stuff. We then had desert and sat around talking. Dan’s dad built a fire in the chiminaria and the kids all went ouside. Samantha and I went outside with them. Around this time, Dan’s mom was trying to get his grandma to go to bed. Apparently, they had forgotten to add grandma’s medicine to her food at dinner and she totally flipped out. (She won’t take the medicine on her own, so they have to hide it in food.) She started yelling at everyone and refusing to go to bed. We left a while later at around 10:30 pm. From what I hear, grandma continue to rant and rave for several more hours.

You can see our Christmas pictures here.

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