Jared and Riley’s Preschool Mother’s Tea

Jared and Riley’s preschool held their annual Mother’s Tea today. The kids served their moms cake and juice in the hall, then we returned to the classroom. There they read us a poem and sang us a song. It was so cute to watch them. I felt so bad for the kids who didn’t have anyone there. They looked so sad watching the other kids with their moms and/or grandmas.

Falyn came with me because her grandparents were out of town. She was very good the entire time we were there. Doesn’t she look sweet with the twins in this picture?

Our spa is working again!

After more than a year, our spa is back in working order again. The pump on it broke sometime last year when the addition project was going on and we never got around to fixing it. Dan finally ordered a new one and after a bit of work and replacing a leaky gasket, it now works. Saturday was the first day we were able to use it. I’m not sure whether or not Falyn has ever been in it before. In any case, she loved playing it. Her little pink life vest worked perfectly to keep her from going under the water. All the other kids are big enough to stand up in it. They all had a blast playing in it and can’t wait to go in it again.