Soccer Collages

With soccer season coming to a close, I wanted to put together some soccer collages for my team. I plan to hand them out at the end of the year party. I really like how they turned out and decided to put one together for each of my kids as well.

Heater On Day 2011

After a cold an rainy weekend, we turned on the heater this morning. The forecast has it staying cold the rest of the week, with another rainy weekend ahead of us. Since I’ve been keeping track of our “heater on” day, this is by far the earliest we have turned it on. Here’s a little chart showing the dates:

2007 => 12/2
2008 => 12/16
2009 => 12/7
2010 => 11/23
2011 => 11/7

Girl Scout Religious Awards

Talia and Kayli received Girl Scout Religious Awards today. Talia received the Spirit Alive award and Kayli received the Marian Medal. They both worked really hard to complete all the requirements for these awards. We are all very proud of them.