My Intro

Today I thought I’d start a blog. I don’t know that anyone would actually be interested in reading about my life, but it seems like it might be fun to write about it. I guess I should give you a little background about myself. Babies4and5 refers to my 18 month old twins who are my 4th and 5th children. I have 3 older children ranging in ages from 9-3. Babies4and5 is also my login id on several twins related message boards.

Other things to note about my life, I’m a work at home mom that tries to juggle all her kids and two businesses. I own a scrapbooking manufacturering company that creates twins and triplets related scrapbooking products called Scrappin’ Twins. I also own a website – – that I hope will become a gathering place for everyone involved in the scrapbook industry.

Besides all that, I am also the webmaster of my local mother’s of twins club website – And I am the girl scout leader for my second daughter’s Daisy scout troop.

My DH thinks I’m nuts to take on so many things, but I really hate to be bored and love doing new things. People often ask me how I manage to do it all. Somedays I wonder that myself. I do have a tendancy to take on too many things, but I firmly believe in the adage “the more you do, the more you can do”.