Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is Falyn’s first Thanksgiving! We are going over to Dan’s parents house for dinner. Today we have been having a nice relaxing time around the house, not doing much of anything. We hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving.

Here’s a Thanksgiving poem that Talia wrote when she was 8 years old:


Thanksgiving is Pilgrims
that sailed at sea.

Thanksgiving is Indians
who are thankful like me.

Thanksgiving is food
that’s yummy.

Thanksgiving is turkey
that fits in my tummy.

Thanksgiving is family.
Thanksgiving is friends.

Thanksgiving is something
that never ends.

9 Months Old

Falyn is getting so big! Hard to believe she has grown so much over the past 9 months. She continues to be such a blessing to our family. She has such a sweet personality. People are always commenting on how cute she is and on how much she smiles. She is an expert crusier now and gets into to everything! She loves exploring and get very mad when you take something way from her that she isn’t suppose to be playing with. She wears 12 months clothes and size 4 diapers. Her favorite finger foods are rice puffs.

New Years Items

We’ve added a Twins’ First New Year design and a Happy Happy New Year design. Both are available with either light or dark skin babies.

Looks like it’s fall here

We drove up to Oak Glen yesterday. We had a picnic at the Los Rios Rancho picnic area. When we got out and started walking around at the picnic area, Aidan said, “Mommy, it looks like it’s fall here.” There were fall leaves all over the place. Which is something the kids rarely see. We had our lunch at one of the picnic tables then Samantha took the older kids for a walk while Dan and I stayed back with the baby. The kids enjoyed their little hike. After taking some pictures, we went to the U-Pick area and picked some apples. Since it is so late in the season, there weren’t very many apples left and they were all at the tops of the trees. The kids had a great time picking their own apples. We let them take turns with the picker and helped them get the apples off the trees. After we finished picking apples, we went to the store and bought an apple pie, a gallon of fresh apple cider, a jar of apple jelly and apple syrup. At dinner, everyone said they had a great time there and wanted to go again next year. The kids have been enjoying the apples they picked today. They said they are delicious!

Here’s some of my favorite pictures from yesterday.

Poor baby has another cold

Falyn has another cold. Poor baby kept waking up during the night because of it. This morning after breakfast, I left her in the high chair to play with some spoons and went upstairs to dry my hair. When I came back down, she was sound asleep. Then after feeding her lunch, I left her in the high chair to get the twins bikes out of the back of the van and put the stroller back. When I came back in, she was asleep again. I think it is easier for her to sleep sitting up because then her nose will drain and she can breath better. I sure hope she is over this soon.

Final Plans are Finally Done!

The final plans for our bonus room remodel project are done! The contractor has copies of them and has passed them out to his sub-contractors for firm bids. The contractor has a number of them over today to see the house and get a first look at the plans. The plans now have to go to “plan check” with the city, which can take 4-6 weeks. Looks like demo won’t start till after the first of the year.

Lots of New Stuff

I’ve been getting my store ready for the holiday season! I’ve added a bunch of new stuff.


This is a fun design that is perfect for twins and their families.

Twins’ First Hanukkah

Created from a special request. Those of you that celebrate Hanukkah will want to get this for your twin babies.

New Thanksgiving Items

I’ve added three new twin themed Thanksgiving designs. Click on any design to see all the items available.

New First Christmas Items

I’ve added two new Twins’ First Christmas and two new Triplets’ First Christmas designs.
To see all out First Christmas items, be sure and visit my Twins and Triplets First Christmas Store.

Ready for the Holiday Season to Start

I’m breaking into the holiday mood today. Yesterday I got Falyn a Christmas dress (cute santa type with the white “fur” trim and matching hat), got Kayli’s holiday cotillion dress, bought some new shatterproof ornaments and got Falyn an adorable suger-plum fairy nutcracker. I started the day by opening my iTunes and switching over to my Christmas playlist, set it on random and have been listening to Christmas music. (Dan would have a fit about playing Christmas music this early if he was here!) I love the Christmas season. It’s my favorite time of the year. So many fun activites to look forward to.