Busy Week

I’ve been super busy this week. The three oldest have VBS this week from 9:30 till 12:45. Talia is a group leader, so I have to take her there at 9 am and wait around till I can leave Kayli and Aidan with their leaders, usually around 8:20. I then have to be there to get Kayli and Aidan at 12:45 and wait for Talia to get done, which has been any time between 1 pm and 1:30 pm.

Today after dropping them off, I went on a water shoes hunt for the boys. I’ve managed to find them for everyone else in the family. First stop Walmart. I don’t really like shopping there, but had heard they had some. I did find a sz 13 pair for Aidan, but those were too big for the twins. The next smallest size they had was an 8, which would be way, way to small. We then headed to Sports Authority, which had a sz 11, which was too small. (They need a 12) Next stop, Sport’s Chalet, they didn’t have any kid sized ones. Then to Big 5 Sports, the smallest size they had was a 13, which was too big. Next we went over to the mall. We looked at Old Navy, Children’s Place, Sears, Payless Shoes – none of them had any. We tried the brand new Target that just opened yesterday at the mall. They had fully stocked shelves with Mens, Womens, and girls water shoes in all sizes. The six spots for the boys water shoes were all empty. I am beginning to think this is an impossible mission. I can try another Target and Walmart and see if they have the right sizes. After that, I’m running out of stores!

Day 35

Modeling installed around the front door.

Lath was finished.

The doors were installed in the office and girls room.

The attic ladder was put in.

Day 34

Our new front door was put in today.

Here’s what the old door looked like.

Here’s the new door.

And here’s what it looks like from the inside.

It is unfinished and needs to be stained. We haven’t picked out the color yet, but hope to get it done soon.

Day 32

Can you believe the workers came on the 4th of July to do start the lath for the stucco? I couldn’t believe they were working yesterday. They got most of it done.

Happy 4th of July!

I hope you all had a great 4th! We sure did. We had a bike parade at the park, followed by a neighborhood BBQ with friends and family. Afterwards we watched fireworks from a local high school and then came back home and set some of our own off.

Here’s my favorite fireworks shot from this evening.

Day 31

The lights in the bathroom are now installed.

The floor of the bathroom is ready for tile.

The bathtub/shower area is ready for tile.