Aidan’s First Day of 1st Grade

Aidan started first grade this morning. He was so excited to go back to school and see all his friends. He has the same teacher that both Talia and Kayli had for first grade. She is strict, but a great teacher. He looked a bit scared when they headed off to class but I’m sure he did just fine.

Talia’s First Day of 7th Grade

Talia started seventh grade today. She is officially in Junior High School now. She has a home room teacher and will have different teachers for math, science, literature & english, computer, spanish, social studies, and PE. She was sad that none of her best friends are in her home room class. But I’m sure some will be in her math class and they all do PE together too.

The above picture is Talia with her best friend Chloe. They have been best friends since kindergarten. Here’s a picture of them on the first day of 3rd grade. (The first year I have digital pics for, I’ll have to scan the other ones someday.)

Kayli’s First Day of 4th Grade

Kayli started fourth grade today. It’s hard to believe that she is already in 4th grade! Seem just yesterday she was starting 1st grade. This is her last year in the “little kids” wing of the school. Next year she moves over to the “junior high” wing where the 4th, 6th, 7th and 8th graders are. (Although junior high is really only the 7th and 8th graders.)

She likes her teacher and said she is very nice. She was sad that her best friends were in the other class, but some of her other friends are in her class. This is the first year they can be on the honor roll, which I have no doubt Kayli will be on. I think they also do the California mission report this year too. I’ll find out more tonight at the parent orientation.

Happy Birthday Jared and Riley!

Today Jared and Riley turned five. I can’t believe they are already 5 years old! They are getting so big and able to do so much for themselves now. They are both such sweeties and have such a great imagination. It’s so much fun to watch them play. They come up with all kinds of interesting scenarios for their toys to act out.

For their birthday we got each of them a leapster and a tonka dumptruck. They also got a phlat ball, shrek shirt and spiderman Mr. Potatohead. They are having great fun playing with their new toys.

Back from Hawaii!

We made it back safe and sound this morning after an over night flight. We all had such a wonderful time on our trip. The highlight for me was the helicopter trip. How often do you get to fly over flowing lava? Probably never again. We also saw so many wonderful sights, waterfalls, beaches, rainforests, lava tube caves, sea turtles. We also were hit by an earthquake and a hurricane while we were there. I’ll be back filling my blog with pictures and info on everything we did on the trip as I get time.

Happy Birthday Aidan!

I can’t believe you are already seven years old! You are growing up so fast. You are such a sweet, smart and charming young man.