Quote of the Day

Overheard while the twins were playing on of their Star Wars Wii games, “If you kill me, I am so telling!” This was said by Riley to Jared. He was talking abut Jared killing his character in the game. I thought it was hilarious.

Falyn’s Swim Class

Falyn is doing so good in her swim class! Today she floated for 10 seconds on her back all by herself. She will go under the water from one “castle” to another by herself. She jumps of the side of the pool to her teacher and is getting really good at kicking. She just loves her teacher, Heather. This is the third week she as been taking swim lessons here. She took classes last summer at a different place. Here’s some more pictures.

All ready to go to class. I bought this rash guard for her at Costco back in September. I knew I wanted to put her in classes this winter and thought it would be perfect. She already had the pink goggles and plenty of swimsuits from last summer.

Here’s Falyn giving her teacher a high five.

Here’s the pool where she takes lessons.

On the castle.

Going under.


Having fun.

All wrapped up after her class.

Eating her animal cracker snack they give her after the class.