Mommy and Me day with Falyn

Yesterday I had a mommy and me day with Falyn. Dan took all the other kids on a cub scout camp out at Huntington Central Park. Falyn and I had such a nice time. We went swimming over at our neighbor’s house. Then we got to go shopping and out to dinner by ourselves while driving the Miata. Falyn loved driving in the Miata. I’m not sure whether she has ever been in it or not. She said, “This is a fun car!”. When we got home we settled down to watch WALL•E. She fell asleep not long after that. The next morning we filled up the little blue pool and she had a blast swimming in it all by herself. Here’s some more pictures of her having fun in the pool.

Falyn Painting

Falyn came to me after breakfast and asked if she could paint. I told her sure and got out all the stuff. She had a ton of fun painting. Here’s some pictures of her in action:

Waterball Fun

This afternoon we brought out the waterball for the kids to play with. It took a bit to get the ball blown up, but was well worth the effort. The kids had a blast playing with it for several hours. Here’s a few pictures of the fun.

A Day at the Beach

We spent most of the day today at the beach. We left early in the morning, had lunch there and came home late in the afternoon. We started off the day doing some pictures for a Father’s Day present for Dan. I’ll put some of those up in another post. The older kids have really been getting into boogie boarding this year. Jared and Riley are just starting to enjoy it as well. Falyn loves to just dig in the sand all day. All in all, we had a lovely day at the beach. Here’s some more pictures from today.

School’s Out For Summer!

Today was the last day of school for Aidan and Kayli. It was a big year for Aidan, making his First Holy Communion. He has learned a lot this year and is looking forward to third grade. Kayli has had an awesome year in 5th grade. She has maintained a 4.0 average the entire year. She also once again past the 500 point mark for Accelerated Reader program and gets her name on the plaque in the library. We are all happy that summer is finally here, especially me. This has been a hard year with 1/2 kindergarten, 8th grade and First Communion to deal with all in the same year. I’m hoping next year will be much less busy and I plan to fully enjoy this summer.

Twins Kindergarten Graduation

The twins had their Kindergarten Graduation tonight. It was such a nice ceremony. The kids did several songs and then were awarded their diplomas. It is hard to believe they are already out of kindergarten and will be going into 1st grade next year. Following so closely after Talia’s 8th grade graduation, it made it a bit bitter sweat. I was reminded of Talia’s kindergarten graduation and found it hard to believe it was 9 years ago. It really has gone by so fast and they really do grow up too quickly. These times have to be cherished because all too soon they will be gone.

Here’s Jared and Riley with their teacher Miss Hellbusch. She is such a wonderful kindergarten teacher. I doubt you could find a better one if you tried. They adore her and loved kindergarten.

Jared and Riley with some of their friends in the class before the ceremony.

Riley getting his diploma.

Jared getting his diploma.

Jared and Riley with Father Joseph

Some pictures in the church before the ceremony

Here’s all the apples we received at each of the kid’s kindergarten graduations. Just one more to go and all of our kids will have graduated from kindergarten!

Twins Last Day of Kindergarten

The twins had their last day of kindergarten today. They have grown so much and learned to so much this year! They love school and are excited to be going into first grade in September.

Bye-Bye Binky

Last night Falyn gave all her binkies to the Binky Fairie. She looked all over the house to make sure she had found all of them and we put them in a bag and put it in her bed. During the night the Binky Fairie exchanged her binkies for a present. She gave her a bucket and shovel, two trains and a barbie plate. She did very well going to sleep without the binkies and has only asked for them a few times. When she asks for them, we remind her that she gave them to the Binky Fairie and she is then fine with that. She is happy that her binkies are having a great in Binkyland with the Binky Fairie.

Here she is with all the binkies gathered up in a bag.

All tucked in with the binkies ready to go to the Binky Fairie.

With the stuff she got from the Binky Fairie.

Playing with her new trains.