Twins Kindergarten Graduation

The twins had their Kindergarten Graduation tonight. It was such a nice ceremony. The kids did several songs and then were awarded their diplomas. It is hard to believe they are already out of kindergarten and will be going into 1st grade next year. Following so closely after Talia’s 8th grade graduation, it made it a bit bitter sweat. I was reminded of Talia’s kindergarten graduation and found it hard to believe it was 9 years ago. It really has gone by so fast and they really do grow up too quickly. These times have to be cherished because all too soon they will be gone.

Here’s Jared and Riley with their teacher Miss Hellbusch. She is such a wonderful kindergarten teacher. I doubt you could find a better one if you tried. They adore her and loved kindergarten.

Jared and Riley with some of their friends in the class before the ceremony.

Riley getting his diploma.

Jared getting his diploma.

Jared and Riley with Father Joseph

Some pictures in the church before the ceremony

Here’s all the apples we received at each of the kid’s kindergarten graduations. Just one more to go and all of our kids will have graduated from kindergarten!

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