Kayli’s First Day of 6th Grade

Kayli started 6th grade today. She has a really great teacher and I think it will be a great year for her. She is a bit sad that her best friends are in the other class. But, she does have friends in her class. She was excited to see that there is a Kaylie in her class. She is new to the school this year. Kayli said she seems nice.

Here’s some more pictures from this morning.

School Starts Next Week

I am not at all ready for summer to be over and for school to start. I love summer. It is by far my favorite time of the year. I love going to the beach, sleeping in late and just hanging out with the kids. I wish summer lasted longer. When I was a kid we got off school the Friday before Memorial Day and didn’t go back till the day after Labor Day. Too bad it isn’t like that anymore.

Next week is a bit crazy. Kayli starts 6th grade on Monday. Jared and Riley start 1st grade and Aidan starts 3rd grade on Tuesday. Talia starts high school on Wednesday. They all go to school on Thursday and only Talia goes to school on Friday. With parent orientation nights and soccer added in, it will be a very busy week.

Boys Swim Class

The boys had their last swim class of the summer today. Their swimming has improved so much this summer. The twins are learning side breathing and backstroke and Aidan has been learning all the strokes. Here’s a few pictures from today.




School Haircuts for the Boys

I took the boys to get their school haircuts this morning. The school rules require boy’s hair to be cut above the eyebrows, above the ear and above the collar. Here’s the before and after shots.

Kiddie Pool Fun

It has been so hot this! To cool off the kids have been playing in the kiddie pools. Here’s some pictures of the fun.

Kayli’s 12th Birthday Party

Kayli had her birthday party at the beach this year. Her birthday isn’t till next week, but we thought it best to have the party before school starts. She had a blast with all her friends.

Jared and Riley Turn 7!

Jared and Riley had their 7th birthday today. I can not believe they are seven already. In just a few weeks they will be starting first grade. They have grown up a lot in the past year. They can now ready, write, add, subtract and tie their shoes. They love to play outside on their scooters, bikes and skates. They also enjoy playing with all their toys, making up elaborate games with them. We had a party today to celebrate their birthday. They got a bunch of new toys and have been having a ton of fun playing with all of them.

Here’s a few more of the birthday portraits we did and some shots from their party.



San Diego Wild Animal Park

We had a great day at the San Diego Wild Animal Park. We started off our visit by visiting the baby cheetahs. The were so cute!

After cheetahs, we were able to just make it to the bird show.

Next we went on the Journey Into Africa tour.

After the tram ride we got the kids to pose in front of the lions.

We then got them to pose in front of the African overlook.

Next stop was lunch and letting the kids play in the play area.

We stopped by the gorilla enclosure, but the gorillas were taking a break today.

We then saw the flamingos and meerkats.

And visited the petting zoo.

It was then time for the bubble show.

After the bubble show, we visited the elephants.

Then we saw the tiger.

Next I took the boys and Falyn to see Dino Mountain.

We saved the carousel for last.

Falyn fell asleep soon after we left.

Riley Kicked Out My Tooth!

Dan and I were watching TV last night after having put the kids in bed, when Jared came down the stairs saying that Riley had kicked out his tooth. Jared and Riley have both been sleeping up in Jared’s top bunk this summer. Jared has his pillow on one side of the bed and Riley has his on the other side. Riley said he was getting his feet under the covers when he accidentally kicked Jared. Jared’s other top tooth has been very loose, so it is not a surprise that it came out. It is kind of funny that it was his twin that “kicked” out the tooth.

Falyn’s First French Braid

Falyn’s hair has gotten so long this summer. Today I decided to try and french braid it. She managed to sit still long enough for me to finish and it turned out so cute! Here’s the pics: