Earth Day Beach Clean-Up

Kayli’s Girl Scout troop participated in a beach clean-up today near the HB pier. The girls did a great job and picked up lots of trash. They even managed to have some fun along the way.

Kayli’s Last Cotillion

Kayli had her last Cotillion tonight. Next year she will be moving up to Super Club. The last Cotillion of the season is always a Costume Ball. Kayli went as a ladybug. She has come so far in her dancing since she started Cotillion in 3rd grade. She is looking forward to Super Club next year where they add in table manners to the etiquette lessons.

Aidan’s April Cotillion

Aidan had his last Cotillion of the season tonight. The last Cotillion is always a Costume Ball. Aidan wore an Obi-Wan Kenobi costume. Aidan has finished off his first year of Cotillion knowing how to do the basic steps to several different types of dances. He does them all very well. Although he would never admit it to his friends, he does enjoy Cotillion and is looking forward to next year’s season.

Falyn Loves To Rollerskate

Falyn got her Tinkerbell rollerskates for Christmas. She was able to skate on them almost immediately with very little practice time. She absolutely loves to skate. She is always saying, “Mommy, it is a beautiful day to go rollerskating.” At the rate her feet are growing, we are going to have to graduate her to rollerblades soon.