Pool Construction – Day 14 – Gunite

The gunite people arrived bright an early this morning and started spraying our pool. It was so much fun to watch! It was hard to drag the kids away from the window and into the car to leave for school. By the end of the day they were done and the pool now has its finally shape.

Here’s a video what shows the gunite process:

Some more pictures taken today:

Twins Jump For Joy Show

The first graders have been working all year on their Jump For Joy Show. It was so much fun to watch. All the kids did such a good job and you could tell that they had a blast doing it.

Working on the GS Bridging Display Meeting

Today Kayli’s Girl Scout group worked on their display for bridging. They put it together all by themselves and did a fantastic job. They picked out the paper and pictures and sprayed the board. They also learned all about being Cadettes during the meeting. They are all excited to be moving up to the next level of Girl Scouts and can’t wait to get started on their Silver Award.

Day 12 & 13 Inspections and Some adjustments

Yesterday the inspector came by and said they needed to add some more support to the slide structure. They work late into the evening last night to finish it up and the inspector came back today and signed off on everything. They will do gunite on Friday! As part of the rework, the moved the light under the slide so it will be centered under the grotto. They also ran the electrical stub to the BBQ area. Over the weekend Dan added a conduit to from the side of the house to the BBQ area to run cable TV or internet at some point in the future.

All the stuff for the pool equipment.

BBQ Stubs

Falyn on her bike, Riley on his scooter

It was so cute the way Riley was playing with Falyn out front this afternoon. He was riding his scooter with she was riding her bike. He stayed by her as they rode back and front on the sidewalk. I was taking pictures of the pool construction and could resist snapping some of them too. Aren’t they just adorable?

My Very First Digital Picture

I came across this picture today as I was working on updating my photography business website. This is the first digital picture we ever took. It was taken with our Sony Cybershot camera in Feb. of 2002. Talia was almost seven and in the first grade. Kayli was 4 1/2 and Aidan was 18 months old.

This picture is very special to me because it is the only picture I had of my kids on my laptop during the 8 weeks I spent in the hospital while pregnant with the twins. It will always hold a special place in my heart.