The Twins Teaching Falyn To Read

We have started our summer learning program, spending about an hour each day doing workbooks, writing and reading. One of my goals this summer is teaching Falyn to read. She knows all the sounds and has been able to sound out small words for a while. Today the twins asked if they could work her on her BOB books. They were so cute, helping her sound out words and telling her what a good job she was doing.

First Beach Day of the Summer

We had our first beach day of the summer today. We packed a lunch, picked Talia up from her AP Chem Prep class and headed off. Grandma Nancy came with us. The kids enjoyed boogie boarding and playing in the sand. We all had a great time.

Falyn’s first time on a boogie board.

Riley buried Jared in the sand.

Falyn jumping in the waves.

Aidan boogie boarding

Jared boogie boarding

Falyn making a sand castle with Grandma Nancy

Riley boogie boarding

Talia boogie boarding

Kayli boogie boarding

Falyn playing in the waves with Grandma Nancy

Talia and Kayli boogie boarding

Falyn’s Last Swim Class

Falyn had her last swim class today. Since she can now swim across the pool doing both freestyle and backstroke and we will soon have our own pool, we decided that Falyn no longer needs swim lessons. She absolutely loves to swim and has become a very good swimmer, especially for a four year old.

Kayli went with me to her class, took this video and edited it.

Here are a few pictures from her last class.

Last Day of School

Today was the last day of school for Jared, Riley, Aidan and Kayli. They have all done great this year. Kayli got straight “A”s again and Aidan came close with only one “B+” and the rest “A”s. They are all excited about summer.

The day before the last day of school is Field Day. Here’s some pictures taken during that event.

Aidan with his friend John.

Kayli with her friend Vicky.

Jared on the left, Riley on the right.