Riley in the hospital day 2

Riley’s eye is looking much better today. They are continuing with the IV antibiotics every 6 hours. Jared was able to come with Daddy to see Riley. That made both of them very happy.

Dan’s parents had given us tickets to tonight’s showing of Wicked for Christmas. Grandma Nancy is going to stay with Riley so we can go to the show. Dan and Jared stayed with Riley while I picked Falyn up from school, got ready for the show and then picked up Talia from school. I then went up to the hospital so Dan could go home to get ready for the show. He took with him and I stayed till Grandma Nancy arrived. I then met up with Dan so we could have dinner and attend the show. Here’s a picture taken from our seats.

We enjoyed the show a lot. If you haven’t seen it, you really should. It is fabulous!

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