Happy Birthday Jared and Riley

It is hard to believe that Jared and Riley are now 2! The past two years have passed by at a furious rate. The majority of their first year is one big blur. The second year hasn’t been nearly as exhausting as the first, but has still come with many challenges. I am no longer suffering from sleep deprivation, but I do spend most of my day chasing after two very rambunctious toddlers.

The dynamics between Jared and Riley are fascinating to watch. The other day Riley pushed Jared down and got put in time-out. He started crying and Jared when and got Riley’s blanket and brought it over to comfort him. They are always doing that sort of thing, trying to make the other one feel better when he is upset. They do fight, usually over who gets some toy or other. It usually doesn’t last too long with one of them giving in and letting the other have the object. It is interested how they will actually play together at this age. Other toddlers that come over usually end up playing by themselves while Jared and Riley are usually playing together. It will be interesting to watch this dynamic as they get older.

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  1. That is so cute about Jared getting Riley’s blanket! It is sweet to see that brotherly love in children so young. Time goes so fast, don’t blink or you’ll miss it! 🙂

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