Week 10 – Moving Out

When this all started on Friday the 13th in March, we never expected it to last this long. We are getting close to being under the stay at home directive for 3 months now. It looks like they will start to slowly allow businesses to open back up over the next few weeks. But the kids will finish out the school year on remote learning.

I once again ventured to Costco. That means I made it 4 weeks without have to go there. I once again filled up the cart and stocked up on food. Hopefully I’ll be able to make it that long again before having to go back.

This week we traveled up to Berkeley to move Kayli out of her college apartment. One nice thing about the pandemic is the lack of traffic. It was nice not to get stuck waiting in traffic for hours like we normally do. While we were there we took some graduation pictures on campus.

This was also Ziggy’s birthday. (Technically it was his adoption day.) Ziggy is Falyn’s bearded dragon. Falyn made a cake to celebrate the day.

This week’s COVID-19 cases totals:

  • World – 5,588,020
  • USA – 1,706,226
  • California – 96,868
  • Orange County – 5,469
  • Westminster – 104

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