Week 11 – Last Week at SBS

This week marked the last week of remote learning for Falyn. It wasn’t the last day of school we had expected to end our 20 years at SBS. She was supposed to graduate next week but the ceremony was moved to July. We will still celebrate next week.

Falyn participated in OCBSA’s Digital Dash. She has been riding her bike everyday for 1-2 hours and racked up over 90 Kilometers of biking between May 18 and May 29!

We were excited to watch the launch of SpaceX launch of two American astronauts to the ISS on Friday. We all held our breath as it took off and cheered when it made it to space.

We also watched the docking of the Dragon capsule to the International Space Station on Saturday. Since Dan and I both worked on the ISS project, it was especially fun for us to watch all the footage from inside the ISS.

This week’s COVID-19 cases totals:

  • World – 6,372,661
  • USA – 1,859,323
  • California – 115,234
  • Orange County – 6,474
  • Westminster – 134


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