Day 9

I was surprised that the framers showed up to work on Saturday! They finished framing for the new bedrooms and started work on the roof.

The Girls’ Room

The Twins’ Room

Both rooms

New Roof

They also finished up putting in the metal struts between the new garage wall and the wall in the new bathroom.

One of the struts in the garage

Same strut upstairs where it attaches to bathroom wall

It is so exciting to walk through the upstairs with all the framing and be able to see how all the new rooms will be. The twins were jumping up and down in their new room, so excited to be able to finally see what it will be like. Today we also purchased the faucets, showerhead and toilet for the new bathroom. They gave it to us at the price they would have sold it to our plumber. They said they work with him all the time and that he is great. They also knew our contractor and said we are lucky to have such great people working on our project.

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