I Hate Ants!

For the past few weeks, our house has been plagued by ants. This isn’t just your occasionally ants found invading the kitchen infestation. It has reached full scale invasion status. There are ants in every room of my house. They seem to have moved into the walls. Short of tearing down falls in search of their nest, I don’t know what else we can try to get rid of them. We have tried everything from borax laced sugar to full scale chemical attacks. Nevertheless, I find myself vacuuming up ants from the kitchen counter, the floor and the walls on a daily basis. If there is one single teeny tiny crumb around, they will find it. I’m sure you can imagine how hard it is to keep every single crumb picked up with five kids, especially from the twins and my 3 year old. I vacuum multiple times a day, but the crumb makers are always one dropped crumb ahead of my vacuuming. I am beginning to wonder if we will ever get rid of them. I think it is time to call in the professional exterminators. DH is against doing that, but I may just call them anyway.

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