Splash Pad Crash

I took the kids to try out the new splash pad at a local park. It is a really fun place with lots of colorful and wet stuff to play in. While there, Aidan ran head-on into another boy. The boy he ran into is one of the twins of a women I know from the Mother’s of Multiples club I belong too. Luckily, the other boy was fine. I didn’t see it happen, but did hear him crying. He ran over to me and I started looking at his head asking him what happened. About that same time, blood started pouring out of his head. I sent Talia to the restroom to get toilet paper so I could stop the bleeding. Once I was able to get it to stop bleeding I got a good look at the cut. It looked to me to be deep enough and wide enough to need dermabond to glue it back together. I called the doctor’s office and they said to bring him right in. I then called Dan and had him come take the other kids home so I could take Aidan to the doctor. The took us right back and the doctor said that it definitely needed to be glued. The doctor said it will take about a week or so to heal and to keep a waterproof band-aid on it when he goes swimming. Here’s pictures of the dermabonded injury and one with the band-aid Aidan picked out.

Despite his injury, Aidan said he had a good time at the splash pad. All the other kids said they had a great time and I promised to take them back sometime next week. Here’s some pictures of the kids having fun there:

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  1. I came across you on Flickr and saw your blog. Your pics are great. I love the perfect action capture of the water. This is great. I’d like to add you to my friends on my blog.

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