Falyn’s Mess

While I was helping Aidan with his homework, Falyn was having fun with a marker. I have no idea where she got the marker. All the markers are suppose to be put up where she can’t get to them. She is normally very good about only drawing on paper, but not today. She drew all over herself, the tile floor in the kitchen and dining room, the stool in the kitchen and the refrigerator. Of course it has to be the black marker. Why is it always the black marker when kids do things like this? When I saw it I was afraid I would never be able to get it all off. The markers all say “washable”, but rarely do they wipe right off. This was on of those rare times when it just wiped right off, no scrubbing needed. I was shocked it came out so easily. Off everything, that is, but Falyn. She was left with some black marks on her arms and hands that will no doubt wear off in a few days. She said she was sorry and promised me to never write on anything but paper from now on. We’ll see.

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