Finished Painting the House

Dan finished up painting the house last weekend. I really love the new colors. This project has been going on for about the last month or so. We are glad to have it done, so we can move on to the yard. We will be adding sod, a new planter and pavers.

Here’s a reminder of what it looked like before we did the remodel:

It is nice to have the outside of the house finally “finished”.

The Twins Learn To Ride Bikes

On Sunday we took the training wheels off the twins bikes, telling them that since they were going into kindergarten they needed to ride their bikes without training wheels now. They figured out how to do it very quickly and were soon speeding around the neighborhood on their bikes. Talia took some video with her camera and put this movie together.

Fun at the Beach

We had lots of fun at the beach today. Grandma Nancy, Grandpa Ron, Aunt Pam and Cousin Lawrence joined us there. We packed our lunch and were there from around 10 am till about 2 pm. The kids had fun boogie boarding, flying kites and playing in the waves and sand. Lawrence brought his wakeboard and was doing very well on it.

Here’s some of the pictures from today.