Talia’s 8th Grade Graduation

Talia’s 8th grade graduation mass was held this evening. It was such a lovely ceremony. It was somewhat bitter sweat as this will be the last time we will see some of these kids that Talia has gone to school with since kindergarten. We are happy that several of Talia’s good friends will be attending the same high school with her next year.

Twins Kindergarten End Of The Year Picnic

The twins kindergarten had their end of the year picnic this morning. All four classes attended. They had four stations that they rotated the different “color” groups through: freeze dance, soccer, parachute and dress-up relay. Jared was in the green group and Riley was in the red group. They did two stations, then had snack and were allowed some free play on the play equipment. They then did the last two stations and had lunch. All the kids had a blast and hated for the picnic to end. Here’s some of my favorite pictures from this morning:

Talia’s 8th Grade Award’s Ceremony and Dance

Talia’s 8th grade award’s ceremony was held tonight. Here’s a list of the awards she received:

•Technology Award for her work on SBS TV.

•Gold Cord for making honor roll all three trimesters of 8th grade. It was presented to her by her father, who also received one when he graduated from St. Bonaventure.

•The Mayors Award for making honor roll every trimester for the past 5 years, presented to her by the Mayor of Huntington Beach.

One of Talia’s best friends since kindergarten also received a Mayors Award.

• 11 Academic Pins for: Religion, Altar Serving, Literature, Spanish, Social Studies, Computer, English, Science, Citizenship, Service and Perfect Attendance

After the ceremony, everyone went over to the hall for the first dance of the evening. The boys danced with their mother and the girls danced with their fathers.

After the first dance, the parents were kicked out and the kids had their dance.

We took a few pictures before the ceremony. Here’s Talia with her friend Kate.

and Talia, Kate and Anais.

Falyn’s Preschool End of the Year Picnic

Falyn had her preschool end of the year picnic today. She had so much fun! This year she enjoyed the puppet show. (Last year she was scared of the puppets.) She like playing with her friends and was sad that she wasn’t going to see them again till September. Here’s a few more pictures from today:

Falyn’s Preschool Slideshow

Falyn’s preschool teacher put together this slideshow from pictures she took all during the school year. She did a separate one for each child in her class. I absolutely love it!