Gingerbread House

The kids decorated this year’s gingerbread house this afternoon. This is a yearly tradition that kids just love. Everyone gets in on the action as they pile on the frosting and candy with some of the candy inevitably ending up in their mouths instead of the house. Any predictions on how long the candy will remain on the house? I doubt any will be left on the house by Christmas morning.

Christmas Tree is up!

Today has been super busy, with Falyn’s Christmas Show and Katelyn’s birthday party, but the kids really wanted to put up the tree today too. I brought in the boxes and let them assemble the tree themselves. This is the first year they have put it together pretty much all by themselves. The kids had fun putting their favorite ornaments in just the right spot on the tree. We bought new LED lights for the tree this year. Kayli and I both agree that it needs more lights and will get more, hopefully at the after Christmas sales, for next year. Even though it doesn’t have as many lights as I would like, I think the tree turned out great!

Jared lost tooth #6

Jared lost his six tooth this evening. This one was the bottom left tooth next to the middle teeth. He came downstairs right before bedtime saying his tooth was bothering him. I sent him up to talk to his daddy about it. A few minutes later he came back down to show me that the tooth had come out. We had been working on his “I Am Special” poster today and we had already done a picture that showed he had lost 5 teeth. We will now have to redo it to say he lost 6 teeth with a new picture showing the other missing tooth.