Disneyland Visit

I took Falyn to Disneyland yesterday so she could see all the holiday decorations. This was the first time she was able to go on “It’s A Small World”. She loved it! She also asked to go on the “elephants”. She had never wanted to go on the Dumbo ride before, but since she asked, I took her on them. This child has no fear of heights! She took her elephant up to the top and kept it there for the whole ride. She is however afraid of the characters. We saw Tigger and she wanted to go say “Hi” to him. But when it was her turn, she wouldn’t go near him. She wanted to go on the Tea Cups, but they were filming something or other on them and had it closed to park-goers. We got there around 9:00 am and left around noon. During that time we went on the Carousel twice, It’s A Small World, Dumbo, Winnie The Pooh and Pirates. One the way out, she wanted to go see the “letters” (the California sign in front of California Adventure). She had remembered that sign and asked me where it was when we were at the bag check point on the way into the park. She wanted to go see them then, but I promised her we would do it on the way out. We went over to the sign and she wanted me to take her picture with the letters and went all the way down the sign posing for me to take her picture. We then took the tram back to the parking lot and drove home. It didn’t take her long to fall asleep once we were on the way back home.

Here’s a video with highlights of our day.

Pigeons in the Fireplace

I was sititng in my den yesterday afternoon chatting with a neighbor when we both heard what sounded like a pigeon cooing. The sound appeared to be coming out of the fireplace. We both thought, “Naw, there couldn’t be a pigeon in the fireplace. The sound must be from the pigeons on the roof and echoing down the fireplace.” A few minutes later we heard the flapping of a bird and it was definitely coming from the fireplace. I put a table up against the fireplace cover to keep the bird from flying out and told my friend I was going to let Dan deal with this when he got home.

When Dan got home I told him that there was a pigeon in the fireplace. He got a flashlight and informed me that there were two pigeons in there. How does one, let alone two, pigeons fall into a fireplace? Dan got a plastic bag and was able to get the birds out of the fireplace one at a time and release them outside.