Making Ornaments 2008

This year we decided to try something new, polymer clay ornaments! This clay is soft until you bake it to harden it. We used cookie cutters for some ornaments and free hand shaped others. Samantha came over to join us in the fun. Everyone enjoyed working with the clay and we all agreed we would have to do it again next year. Here’s some pictures of everyone working on the ornaments and of the finished projects.

Everyone working on the ornaments.

Jared working on his ornament.

Talia working on her nativity ornament.

Samantha, Aidan and Riley working on ornaments.

Talia’s designed and created this nativity ornament all by herself.

Here’s a santa ornament I created.

Aidan helped Samantha to make these Spongebob and Patrick ornaments.

Jared and Riley created these Christmas trees. We used a cookie cutter for the trees and they made the red balls to put on them. Talia made the yellow star.

Here’s all the ornaments we made this afternoon.