Quote of the Day

“Mommy, Jare-Jare won’t be my twin!” – Riley

I was driving to pick up Aidan when Riley said this. (BTW: My kids often call each other by the first syllable of their name said twice.) I couldn’t help laughing and told them both that they had no choice in the matter, Jared would always be Riley’s twin and Riley would always be Jared’s twin.

Status From the Planner

I spoke with Brian today. He said the plans are almost finished. He expects the word to be done by next Friday (10/13) at which point, the plans will go to the city for approval. Then we will be able to start demo.

Falyn can clap!

Falyn has learned how to clap. It is so cute! This morning the kids were all excited about the church festival this weeking and running around sayng “yah”. I looked over and Falyn was clapping right along with her siblings.