8 Months Old

Falyn turned eight months old today. How could she possible be that old already? This last month was full of firsts: she got her first tooth, learned to get into a sitting position by herself, started crawling and learned to pulled herself up. She is such a joy! She smiles at everyone and is so easy going. Everyone is constantly telling her how cute she is. Since she has a cold and a very snotty nose, I’m going to wait till Monday to take her 8 month portraits. Hopefully the runny nose will be gone by then. In the meantime, here’s a picture I took of her a few days ago asleep in her crib.

Play of the Day

It’s soccer Saturday and Aidan and Kayli both had games at noon. Since Dan had to ref the game on the other field where Kayli was playing, I went to Aidan’s game with the twins and the baby. Talia went along with Dan and Kayli to watch Kayli’s game. Only four of the players on Aidan’s team were there. All six of the other team’s players showed up. One of the players on Aidan’s team is not at all interested in playing soccer. He pays no attention to what is going on in the game and wondered off the field more than once. Aidan did great during the game. He did a bunch of saves, keeping the other team from scoring. He also did an assist, kicking it to one of the other boys on his team, who then kicked it in. Watching U6 games often provide lots of humor. Today’s highlight had to be when a boy on the other team, who was sitting out that quarter, came running in from the sidelines and kicked the ball.