A tooth!

Falyn’s first tooth has broken through! You can’t quite see it yet, but you can feel it. I expected it to be on of her bottom two middle teeth, since I can see that they are both on the verge of breaking through. But it wasn’t. It was the tooth to the left of the middle two. She won’t be having a toothless grin for much longer.

How did she get so big?

I’ve had to break out the 12 and 18 month sized clothes. In the last few weeks, Falyn went from 6 month sized clothes, past the 9 months stuff and straight into the 12 month sizes. At this point, I wouldn’t consider buying her anything smaller than 18 months sizes. I can’t believe how quickly she has grown in the past month!

Parish Festival

This weekend was the annual parish festival. This years theme was “Under the Big Top”. We went on Friday afternoon and again on Saturday night. Dan and Talia went back on Sunday night to work at the hamburger booth. The kids had so much fun there! They loved all the rides and the games. The boys’ favorite thing there was what they called “the maze”. It was a house of mirrors that they would go into and play around in for the longest time. The girls’ favorite ride was the Tilt-A-Whirl.