Day 16

Today the new bigger electrical panel was installed.

Work started on the new roof.

The gas line for the furnace was run.

Lines for the A/C were run.

And the new vents were installed in the bedrooms, office and bathroom.

Day 15

Work contined on the heater/ac today. New A/C coil unit installed in the attic and ducts were anchored in place.

Here’s the new A/C coil unit next to the new furnace in the attic.

Here’s one of the ducts anchored to the roof.

Day 14

Today work started on installing the furnace which will be needed to heat the new rooms. The furnace is located in what will be the new attic.

They also put in the ducts that will go to the new rooms.

And put in the intake for the furnace.

The electrician was also here today and finished up the wiring and got every thing ready to remove the electrical panel, which is being replaced with a large panel.

Day 13

The rough plumbing was finished today. They filled up the bathtub and said to leave it filled till the inspector came to check for any leaks.

Here’s the new shower control valve. It is the type that can not cause hot water to come out when someone flushes a toilet. These are the only kind allowed now.

Over the weekend, Dan installed the datalines. Here’s a look at some of his work. The datalines are in blue.

Tired Falyn

You can always tell when Falyn is getting tired because she grabs her hair like this and holds on to it.

Day 12

The electrician came today and ran more wires for plugs and lights in the new rooms and in the garage.

New plugs in the garage.

Most of the wiring upstairs is done.

The electrician will be back on Tuesday to swap out the electrical panel and work on finishing up the wiring.

Falyn’s Feet on Her High Chair

Falyn always puts her feet up on the tray of her high chair. I think it is so cute! Of course I had to take pictures of it.

Speaking of her high chair, yesterday afternoon she walked over to it and said “hungry” (sounded more like “ungry”). How adorable is that? I put her in the high chair and gave her some goldfish.

Day 11 – Plumbing and Plugs

The pile of trash in front continued to grow yesterday as the plumber and electrician arrived to start work.

The plumber started running the sewer line to the new bathroom. These had to go through the garage and will eventually be hidden behind a wall.

They also had to run them up the ceiling in the garage.

In the bathroom, they got the drain for the toilet in place.

They also got the tub put into position.

The pipes are also in place for the sinks

The electrician started running the wires for all the plugs, fire detectors and the lights.