Happy 9th Birthday Kayli!

Today is Kayli’s 9th birthday. One more year till she moves up to double digits! She is such an energetic child and has so much personality. She is very outgoing and has tons of friends. Kayli’s favorite colors are pink, blue and purple. Her favorite tv show is “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody”. Her favorite books are “The Boxcar Children” and “The Secrets of Droon”. Her favorite thing to wear are skooter skirts. She loves to play soccer, play outside and play on the computer. Her best friends are Julia, Dana and Mikayla.

Talia’s First Day of 6th Grade

Talia had her first day of 6th grade today. Her three best friends are all in the other class. But she does have some other close friends in her class. She was really excited that her friend Olivia that moved a two years ago is back and she is in her class. Talia’s teacher is the same one that her Daddy and a couple of her Aunts had when they were at this school. She is suppose to be a wonderful teacher.