Falyn’s first ride in the backpack

Last night Dan took Falyn for a walk in the backpack for the first time. She was more than a bit leary of it at first. After a bit, she decided it wasn’t so bad and started to enjoy the ride. By the end of the walk she had fallen asleep.

Meeting with Contractor and Planner

The contractor came by again yesterday and this time brought his planner/engineer guy with him. This other guy said what we want done is definitely doable and he is going to get back to us with an estimate on coming up with “preliminary plans”. Once you have the preliminary plans you can then get an estimate for the whole job. Who knew it would cost a few hundred dollars just to find out how much it will cost to do the job? Once you approve the preliminary plans, they will draw up the final plans and do all the structural/sesmic required studies. They will also take care of getting all the city approvals, which apparently is no easy task. Just getting to that point where the city says it’s okay to start the project will likely cost around $1000. (Plus however much the city charges for permits!)