Bye-Bye Bassinet

I sold the bassinet to Children’s Orchard yesterday. Falyn had gotten to big for it and is now sleeping in the crib. My goal now is to get her to go to sleep in the crib by herself. She normally falls asleep in my arms and then I put her in the crib. She is starting to get too heavy to carry around all the time and I really need her to learn to sleep in her crib, so I have to stop doing th at. She did sleep better last night, now that her cold is almost gone. She only woke up once, at 3:19 am. I got up and put her binky back in her mouth and she then went right back to sleep. I’m hoping that soon she will be able to put her binky back in her mouth all by herself.

Falyn’s First Time in Swing

Today while the twins were at speech class, I took Falyn and Aidan to a nearby park. While there I put Falyn in the swing, she loved it! She looked so cute sitting the seat. She looked so little, but at the same time looked so grown up.