Some Fun New Designs

Design says “peace love twins”. Cute design for twins, twin moms and twin dads too! Perfect for peace loving twins!

The stunt double items are so popular now, that I decided to do one for twins. It says, “I have my own stunt double”.

This is a fun design for identical twins, but works well for other twins too. This takes the idea of the copy and paste “buttons” on your computer and puts it in on your twins. One twin is the copy and other other is the paste.

Falyn’s First Day at the Beach

We spent most of the day yesterday at the beach. My SIL, Samantha, came with me to help out with the kids. It was a beautiful day to be at the beach! The kids had a blast playing in the water with Samantha. Falyn slept a lot of the time we were there, but did enjoy sitting in her bumbo seat watching the ocean while she was awake. Everyone that walked by commented on how cute she was.

At some point during the day, I was sitting in my beach chair, holding Falyn, eating a cholocate-chip cookie that Samantha made and drinking my Dr. Pepper, when I thought, “This is the life”. Samantha was down at the water with all the kids – I bet she wasn’t thinkintg that! That feeling lasted about a minute or two before one of the boys came running up and had to be taken to the bathroom.