Kayli got stung by a bee again

We went with the neighbors to the local park for a picnic today. It was a gorgeous day for a picnic and so nice to have our lunch in the shade of a tree there. Our neighbors brought a soccer ball and all the bigger kids were playing out in the field. That’s when Kayli stepped on a bee and it stung her. I guess that will be the last time she plays soccer with no shoes on! Poor thing, she seems to always be the one to get stung.

Quote of the Day

“Quick! Let’s hide!” – pretty sure it was Riley that said it.

(Be sure to read the comment to see why he said this!)

$250 to be in the show?!?!?!

Talia and Kayli started a hip-hop class yesterday. After the class, the teacher talked with the “new parents” about the show. They are talking the class through the city. It is at a dance studio very near where we live. The students who sign up through the city end up joining an on-going class at the studio. This class is doing a show at the end of the month. To be in the show you have to buy two program ads per student ($25 per ad), buy 5 tickets per student ($10 a ticket) and buy a tank top “costume” for them to wear at the show ($25 each). It all ads up to $250 if I want them both to do the show. I didn’t even have to think about it. The girls will have had 4 classes before this show. It is completely ridiculous to pay that much money so they can be in a show. The girls thought it was crazy to have to pay that much to do the show too, so they aren’t upset about. They do like the hip-hop class though!

Rocket Launch Viewing

Last night we sat outside to wait for a rocket launch out of Vandenberg Air Force Base. Everyone in out little corner of the neighborhood was outside watching. The launch window as between 7 pm and 9 pm, so we headed out just before 7 pm. They later changed it to between 8:20 and 8:40 and it lifted off at 8:33. We saw the light from the rocket as it streaked across the sky. There was a marine layer moving in the direction the rocket was traveling, so we lost track of it pretty quickly. We did sight it again just before the first stage separation. It was really cool to see the rocket separate! You could see a big flare and then a smaller light continuing to move up. It was really nice outside and the adults had a great time sitting around talking while we were waiting for the lift off. The kids had a blast playing with each other too. You can read all about the launch here.

The bribe worked!

Jared and Riley did great at swim class today. They did everything the instructor asked and didn’t cry or scream at all. It’s amazing the power of a single Hersey’s kiss!

Surely I’m not the only one that picks wine this way

I am not at all a wine connoisseur. I know very little about it, but I do like to drink it. When it comes to picking out a bottle of wine at the grocery store, I usually go with the bottle that has the most attractive label. I recently came across a bottle which had pretty flowers painted all over it. It was gorgeous! It was in my price range (i.e. cheap), so I bought it. It turned out to be a good wine and I enjoyed drinking it and will buy it again. Dan always laughs at me when I bring home a bottle of wine that we have never tried before. “You bought it because of the label, didn’t you?”, he will ask. My answer, of course, is always yes. If you know next to nothing about wine, you have to have a method of choosing new ones to try, right?

Some Fun New Designs

Design says “peace love twins”. Cute design for twins, twin moms and twin dads too! Perfect for peace loving twins!

The stunt double items are so popular now, that I decided to do one for twins. It says, “I have my own stunt double”.

This is a fun design for identical twins, but works well for other twins too. This takes the idea of the copy and paste “buttons” on your computer and puts it in on your twins. One twin is the copy and other other is the paste.